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Andy Beech

When people ask about my background in art, I explain how I’ve had a love for it all my life, right back to my infancy.

I was born in the Midlands in 1968, and as a child I used to spend my time reading comic books and doodling, creating my own characters. I guess this love for drawing was the seed that has turned painting into a great passion of mine, and has since blossomed.

As a young adult, I went to local art college, after which I became a freelance artist producing work for corporate clients. Whilst I was freelance, I continued to paint for myself – something I have never stopped doing.

My paintings are inspired by the routine interactions I observe between people going about their everyday lives. You might call it ‘people watching’, but these observations have given me the tools to be able to capture moments people are familiar with, moments where the observer feels a pang of nostalgia because it’s something they remember feeling themselves. We all like to be reminded of a special moment or a happy time.

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